Volunteers at Golden Links Lodge serve primarily to enhance the quality of life of Residents through assisting with personal visits, outings and a wide range of other activities.

Volunteers may serve many other indirect Resident functions which serve to increase the services offered by the Facility (such as tours of prospective residents to the facility, receptionist duties, etc.).

Volunteers form a link between the Lodge and the surrounding community. Volunteers support special events and fund-raisers by attending themselves and bringing family and friends. Volunteers speak well of the home in the community, creating a positive image and in turn indirectly recruit potential staff and volunteers.

A volunteer may also serve in a Professional Capacity where the individual currently is entitled through professional current credentials to do so. (e.g. Director of Pastoral Care).

As volunteers augment services to residents or the facility, they do not displace funded workers from their jobs.

Position descriptions outline specific duties to individual volunteer placement.