Dedicated to Care, Mindful of Dignity, Embracing Life


Our Resident-focused care inspires confidence through a compassionate respect for the dignity of all which contributes to an excellent quality of life meeting individual needs. We collaborate with our partners in the practice of sound financial management to ensure our sustainability and maintain our high standard of care for our Residents. Our physical environment is attractive and well maintained both inside and out providing Residents and their families with spaces where they can visit, take part in recreational activities, and find spiritual comfort. Ours is a respectful workplace where people feel valued working in a positive atmosphere where they cooperate as team members toward the common goal of the highest quality of care for Residents.


The core values of Golden Links Lodge are:

  • Compassion : Our work is guided by compassion, our deep feeling for our Residents and their families that translates into the quality of our caring for them.
  • Dignity : We value the worthiness of the individual in the way we treat people every day.
  • Respect : We appreciate the worth of the thoughts and feelings of our Residents and each other.
  • Integrity : We hold ourselves to a high standard where we live up to our values.