Programs II

House Keeping

Our rooms and common areas are cleaned and sanitized regularly.

All cleaning products used at Golden Links Lodge meet institutional and environmental standards. Residents and families may not bring outside cleaning products, sanitizers or air fresheners to the facilities. We make every attempt to provide a scent-reduced environment to residents, families and staff.

Clothing is laundered and delivered to the residents’ rooms on a weekly basis. Golden Links Lodge staff labels all residents’ items. Items that require special care can be dry-cleaned at the residents’ expense or be cleaned by family members at home. We are not responsible for lost clothing.


The Registered Dietician at Golden Links Lodge will complete an assessment upon admission and ensure nutritional and special dietary needs are met. The Dietetic Services provide residents with three meals and two snacks per day.

Golden Links Lodge Dietary Services runs a highly professional, modern kitchen facility. All residents’ meals are prepared on site, fresh every day. Menus are listed each day so residents know what to look forward to. Family members and friends can purchase meal cards and can dine at designated times with the residents.

Maintenance and Safety

The Maintenance Services at Golden Links Lodge are responsible for building as well as equipment upkeep to ensure resident safety.

We must examine all resident-owned electrical devices and equipment for safety hazards. If safely operated by residents, powered wheelchairs meeting specific dimensions are accepted only if recommended by our Occupational Therapists.

Our facilities hold monthly fire drills and fire safety plans are posted on each unit.

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